Preparing for your Bridal Fitting

Preparing for your Bridal Fitting

First of all, congratulations on finding your perfect wedding dress! Obviously, wedding dresses need to fit perfectly, which is why alterations are so important. Having a stunning gown to wear on your wedding day is essential! To help you prepare for your first fitting, we wanted to explain what you can expect:



Do I need a fitting?

Regardless of how small the alteration is, every wedding dress should be altered. Even the most expensive gown won't look as good if it isn't altered to fit you perfectly. Don't forget to include them in your budget. Depending on what needs to be done, prices can range from $500 to $5,000.


When is the best time for my first fitting?

 The first fitting for the bride usually takes place two to three months before the wedding. As part of this fitting, the seamstress analyzes the entire dress to determine if any alterations are needed. If the bride's height or figure differs from those ordered in a size close to her measurements, she will need to make some adjustments to the dress. Depending on how long it takes for a bride's wedding gown to arrive after placing an order, her measurements may have changed. It can be difficult to find a wedding gown that fits well when the fabrics offer little to no give or stretch.


How Long Do Fitting Appointments Last?

At the first fitting, the tailor usually takes an hour to determine how to alter your dress. With each subsequent fitting, the dress will get closer to its perfect fit, so subsequent fittings will be shorter.


Wedding Gown Alteration Tips

 The sooner you purchase your wedding dress, the less time and stress you will have to spend on alterations. Schedule your first fitting eight to twelve weeks before the wedding, and no later than two weeks before.


Undergarments, shoes, and the right makeup are needed for fittings

 Make sure you bring all your essentials to your fitting; Spanx and the right strapless bra can make all the difference! You should wear the same outfit you wore for your fitting on your wedding day, including shapewear. When your tailor adjusts the hem of your dress, wear the shoes you'll wear at the wedding. You'll be the same height on your wedding day if you do this. If you are not sure what shoes you want to wear yet, bring a pair the same height as the ones you are considering (otherwise, your alteration will be incorrect). Make sure you wear transfer-proof makeup to avoid getting makeup all over your dresses!


At the end of the day, we want to ensure that our brides are prepared for this process! Our goal is to make you as comfortable and at ease as possible throughout this process. Are you still looking for a wedding dress? Contact us today to schedule an appointment